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Lightroom Presets From JPG Files

PixelPeeper.io allows you to recover Lightroom edits and camera settings from JPG files. You can use it to:

  • 👀  learn how other photographers edit their photos in Lightroom and recreate "the look"
  • 🖥  create a Lightroom preset based on the JPG file
  • 📸  see camera model, lens and other settings photographer used
  • 🕵️‍♂️  find out which Lightroom preset was used on the given photo
  • 😱  recover lost work (e.g. lost presets can sometimes be recovered from JPGs)

See demo below:

How does it work?

PixelPeeper reads metadata embedded in JPG files (Exif and XMP). This means that in order for it to work, the following conditions have to be met:

  1. you need a JPG file edited in Adobe Lightroom
  2. JPG file must include metadata

If any these conditions isn't met, PixelPeeper won't show you any results.
Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Files are not uploaded to the server. PixelPeeper only reads metadata using JavaScript in your browser and posts it to the server. The photo itself is not uploaded.

Download and Install Lightoom Presets

If simply viewing the settings isn't enough, you can download them as a preset file. Import presets to Lightroom and apply them to your own photos.

PixelPeeper gives you the option to download generic XMP preset files. Generic presets (default) don't include settings like White Balance, Exposure, Sharpening, Lens Corrections.

If you need these settings, you have the option to download an "extended" preset file.

For older versions of Lightroom, there's also a .lrtemplate variant.

PixelPeeper presets don't include local corrections (crops, spot removals, graduated and radial filters).

See: How to Install Lightroom Presets.

Preset Finder

Sometimes you want to find out which preset was used on the given photo. Preset Finder is meant to help you with that.

Whether you want to know which presets other photographers use or you'd simply like to know which one of your own presets you used in the past on the given photo, Preset Finder has you covered.

Upload your presets to PixelPeeper and drop a JPG image. Present Finder will:

  • scan all your presets,
  • show you which ones match the JPG (ordered by confidence score).

See also: Frequently Asked Questions.

Try it out!

Try PixelPeeper for free, see if it works for the JPGs you have

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