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Pixel Peeper is a simple web app that shows you what camera gear & exposure settings the photographer used to take the given photo (provided that they left that information in the file).

For files edited in Adobe Lightroom, you'll be able to see what adjustments were made to achieve a certain look (unless the author decided to not include that information).

Pixel Peeper won't work if Exif (camera settings) and XMP (Lightroom edits) aren't present in the JPG file.

Made by pch.


For copyright (and performance) reasons, photos are never uploaded to the server. Only metadata (Exif & XMP) is stored in the database.

Photo metadata is extracted in the browser using JavaScript and posted to the server. File names, checksums (sha1) and file sizes are also stored in the backend.

Premium users have an option to check files via URL. In this case, requested images are downloaded to the PixelPeeper server, processed and removed immediately afterwards.

Your Lightroom presets are never shared with anyone.

For premium users: your email, password (encrypted) and name are stored in the database. Your credit card information is stored by the payment provider (Paddle.com) and is never saved in the PixelPeeper database.

Your private data is never shared with anyone without your consent.

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  10. Photos you check on the site are not stored on the server.
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  12. Lightroom presets you upload to the site are never shared with other users.
  13. In no event, shall the author of this site be liable for any claim, damages or other liability, arising from, out of or in connection with the software or the use or other other dealings in the software.